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Based on a True Story !

More Info on the Christmas Ship.
Climb aboard for a journey you’ll likely want to take every Christmas – down bound from Upper Michigan’s to Chicago’s Clark Street Bridge. All aboard the Christmas tree Ship.

Recommended by Tom Farnqist Exc. Dir. Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society. “Of all the shipwreck adventure stories I have read, this is the one that should be made into a major motion picture.”

The Legend of the Christmas Ship - Carl Behrends new book
Paperback - $18.95

Hardcover- $26.95

A story as big as the Great Lakes comes crashing ashore. Enjoy this new family holiday tale crafted from the legends, love and true events surrounding the famous Christmas Tree Ship. Venture back into 1911 Chicago, Illinois. The city, now rebuilt years after the great fine, is busy readying itself for the Christmas holidays. Experience larger than life characters including Great Lakes pirates, Dan Seavey, blustery soul-saver Captain Bundy and his Gospel Ship, and studious Captain Schuenemann skipper of the vessel that each Christmas season hauled thousands of holiday trees to Chicago from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Witness a tender love affair between two star-cross lovers whose fates intertwine forever. Smell the evergreen boughs, hear the enduring tale of a families struggle to keep its seasonal business afloat. See how this endeavor would become a holiday tradition for countless numbers of Chicago area residences. Be there to re-live these historic times when electric lights and wireless communications were something new, the Titanic had yet to sail and automobiles were something to marvel at. Behold the holiday miracle of the Christmas ship.

ISBN 0-9728212-8-7
ISBN 0-9728212-9-5

ISBN 978-0-9728212-7-8

Even More Legends of the Great Lakes CD- $17.95
(shipping included)

Sail Away with Me - Lighthouse Dream - Bigler's Crew - Poverty Island Gold - Tug Boat Joe - Wreck of the Bradley - Sailor's Prayer - Christian Island - Sea Song - White Squall - Crystal Unicorn - Canadian Railroad Trilogy

Download Sound Bite of - Sail Away with Me (1.27 MB)
Download Sound Bite of - Lighthouse Dream (1.07 MB)

ISBN 0-9728212-2-8

Legends of the Great Lakes CD- $17.95
(shipping included)

The Christmas Ship - Lake Superior Song - Captain Bundy's Gospel Song - Ballad of Seul Choix - What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor - Dream On A Winters Night - Porcupine Mountains Wilderness Song - Just A Memory - Wanda Fay - What Would I Be Without Love - How Many Stars?

Download Sound Bite of - The Christmas Ship (1.34 MB)
Download Sound Bite of - Captain Bundy's Gospel Ship (1.03 MB)

ISBN 0-9728212-3-6

More Legends of the Great Lakes CD- $17.95
(shipping included)

Dan Seavey The Great Lakes Pirate - The Captain And The Lady - Wreck Of The Mary Ellen Carter - Three Sheets To The Wind - Face On The Rock - On The Boat Again - Great Lakes Fisherman - Wreck Of The Edmund Fizgerald - Lady Sing Your Songs Tonight - Grandma's Feather Bed

Download Sound Bite of - Wreck Of The Edmund Fizgerald (1.22 MB)
Download Sound Bite of - Dan Seavey the Great Lakes Pirate (1.33 MB)

Both Legends CD set - $28.95
(shipping included)
Legends of the Great Lakes & More Legends of the Great Lakes

You get both Legends CD's for one low price !!!!


ISBN 0-9728212-5-2

The Ballad of Seul Choix Lighthouse CD- $17.95 (shipping included)

The Ballad Of Seul Choix - Just A Memory - The Lords Prayer - How Many Stars - Wanda Fay - In The House - Living In The Promised Land - Back Home Again - No One There Beside Me - Lady Sing Your Songs Tonight - The Ballad of Seul Choix (background music)

Download Sound Bite of - The Ballad of Seul Choix (837 KB)
Download Sound Bite of - Wanda Fay
(884 KB)

Carl Behrend and the Great Lakes Legends Band Live - Video
(shipping included)

Carl plays and tells the stories of his songs, with many extras and pictures from the stories behind the songs, a must see !!!! (approximately 45 minutes)

Father and daughter circumnavigate the greatest lake in the world seeking inspiration and adventure. Singer songwriter and author Carl Behrend set out on a fantastic voyage to circumnavigate superior the greatest and most perilous lake in the world.

Adventure Bound
Paperback - $15.95
(shipping included)
Hardcover- $19.95 (shipping included)

Carl Behrend, of Munising, MI, and his daughter Naomi, an 18 year old high school senior took an incredible journey the Summer of ‘99. Packed full of history and maritime folk lore. Carl visits many points of interest in this lake rich in history.

Read more about this book !

ISBN 0-9728212-1-X
ISBN 0-9728212-0-1

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